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1st Milkfund Call
It is with great joy that we launched the first call for selection of Milkfund fellows from  Inovaleite group in partnership with Instituto Sua Ciência. There are 2 (two) quotas of Technological and Industrial Initiation (ITI) scholarships in the amount of R $ 4,800.00 that will be paid monthly, in the amount of R $ 400.00, for 12 months.
ITI Scholarships - Milkfund
Registration starts on September 1, 2020
We are a family owned and operated business.
Instituto Sua Ciência and the Multicentric Research Group INOVALEITE make public the general rules for the selection process of scientific projects, aiming at the granting of two annual quotas for Technological and Industrial Initiation (ITI) scholarships from the Milkfund INOVALEITE - ISC Fund.
Between September 1 and November 1, registrations for the selection process will be open, which will consist of 2 (two) steps: (1) verification of the requirements for registration and (2) technical evaluation. Do not miss this opportunity and check all the details in the call below.
Technological and Industrial Initiation Scholarships (ITI)
The Technological and Industrial Initiation scholarship (ITI) aims to stimulate interest for research and technological development in high school, college or graduate students. Its main objective is to stimulate students for research, innovation and development aimed at the productive sector. We can also highlight as other objectives:
  • Awaken scientific vocation and encourage new talent among students.
  • Promote the student's role, developing the investigative profile in a broad way, consolidating the inseparability between Teaching, Research and Extension.
  • Stimulate quality scientific production and increase the qualification of its vehicles for scientific publications.
  • Expand sources of funding for research and Scientific and Technological Initiation through partnerships with public and private sector institutions, both in the country and abroad
  • Contribute to the scientific training of human resources who will dedicate themselves to any professional activity.
  • Contribute to the training of human resources for research.
  • Encourage national and international exchanges and cooperation agreements with universities, institutions, organizations and research networks, to foster research and graduate studies.
Watch the video of the Live held on September 5th on the announcement.
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