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Donation with scientific reward you can only find here on the website of Inovaleite. Choose a donation amount and earn as a reward one of the items in our collection below. All the money raised will go to the Milkfund research fund, a partnership with the Instituto Sua Ciência .
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Inovaleite and Instituto Sua Ciência are together in a daring project to promote research in the area of ​​milk and dairy products in Brazil.
Milkfund is an unprecedented partnership that aims to raise R $ 4,800.00 to promote 12 months of Scientific Initiation scholarship (with reference to the FAPEMIG value of R $ 400.00 / month). The fund is entitled to receive resources from individuals, legal entities and also resources from the sale of items or donations with a reward system (the store is now understood at the top of this page).
Have you liked the idea? If you want to donate now without the need for a reward, choose one of the options below:
Want more explanation?
It's ok. We'll tell you the whole story ...


Founded on October 19, 2018, the Instituto Sua Ciência (ISC) is a non-economic Civil Society Organization, created with the primary objective of fostering researchers in Brazil. The ISC team is made up of researchers, journalists, designers and collaborators from different areas of knowledge in order to disseminate scientific knowledge in accessible languages ​​and adapted means. Targeting the general public, especially those outside the academic environment, the Institute is responsible for enabling the creation of research grants through the creation of a collaborative network of researchers and financial supporters.
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How it works?
Two options: donate with reward or donate without reward .
THE rewarded donation is a way of doing good and also receiving something in return immediately. Don't worry, it's not ugly in this case. You will come out with something very valuable, scientific knowledge. Inovaleite, together with its most important partners, obtained approval to make available in the rewards system, items of great importance for anyone in the area of ​​milk and dairy products, books. So, you can choose from our collection, the items that interest you most. Very simple. The stipulated value for each item is only the smallest value. You can donate more by adding more of the same item to your cart, be generous. You pay directly through the site via Paypal (just like buying from any online store). The money goes directly to the Instituto Sua Ciência account . Inovaleite has no bank account and is not a legal entity, we are just a research group, so we do not do the financial management of the resource, understand? After payment, the person receives an automatic email with the information to download the book file. Simple isn't it?
THE unrewarded donation   it is also very important for Milkfund. You can donate any amount at any time through both the Paypal platform and Doare . Remember the buttons up there. Well now it's time to go back and donate. When in doubt, let's put it back down so you don't waste time and donate soon:
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And then? What happens to my donation?
How do I know that you will use the donated money properly?
Calm now the end of the story comes ...


Instituto Sua Ciência maintains the collection balance periodically updated on social media. Just check it out on their Instagram (calm suspicious (a), the staff is serious, we chose them for this project because there are serious people in the administration, we will not put our project at risk with adventurers, here the thing is serious).
When the fund reaches the target value (remember, R $ 4,800.00), we end donations for this specific campaign and the Institute opens a public notice for all of Brazil (that is, all of Brazil), in order to select projects for the first call. Are you finding it complicated? Is nothing! Click here and see only the last notice that they released a few months ago.
He saw, all clear, well done and without complications. The INOVALEITE way of being ... or rather the MILK way of being ...
Now it's all up to you. We need your collaboration. Let's innovate together? Let's think differently together? This may just be the first. Better yet, you can have a project selected yourself. Just be a student at any public institution in Brazil and have a proposal for research, development or innovation.
If you are already a professional and are working in the job market, come help us. Any value is important. You can still make monthly contributions. Just configure it on the platforms.
If you are a company and can help us with a little more, don't be left out either. Instituto Sua Ciência has a bank account in the bank of Brazil and receives a transfer without a problem. The most important thing is just send us an e-mail with proof of donation to register here. Account information follows:
Bank of Brazil
Agency: 0308-5
Current Account: 61310-X.
CNPJ: 31.994.850 / 0001-86
Have any questions?
Want to help? Then send an email to and let's talk ...
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