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Open Innovation

A reality at Inovaleite

Currently, markets have become increasingly competitive due to pressure on increasing productivity and the pursuit of excellence in Cost Management. To stand out in the face of this scenario, it is essential that the companies create competitive differentials and, to be one step ahead of competitors, it is essential to innovate.

Open Innovation invites companies and academic centers from any segment to work together. Professional researchers, students, masters and doctors developing projects and discussing ideas for a bigger goal, interesting for both parties and the community in general. Driving the promotion of innovation in their own projects and services. Investments in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) represent a significant percentage of companies' revenues and profits, however, most of them prefer to work in a Closed Innovation model - exactly the opposite of Open Innovation, leading to the loss of great opportunities . However, Closed Innovation must also be respected. In many cases the motivation comes from the need to maintain confidentiality or the need to obtain commercial advantages.

When evaluating the volume of academic production, research and projects that are developed daily in public and private institutions, we will certainly find excellent materials being discarded. Or even, we will find those that do not reach the market due to the lack of resources or tools that lead to commercialization.


Joining efforts and having all the possibilities available during the execution of a project, is the work philosophy of Inovaleite's Open Innovation Platform.

Map Port.png
Figure 1: Open Innovation.


In this work model, all possibilities of interaction are considered. We take advantage of all the ideas and concepts presented as inputs to the RD&I process. However, this does not guarantee that all entries will be processed. As they are worked on, some may cease to be relevant to the project to which they are being applied. Others, however, can be so innovative that they justify the production of a patent, even before the project is concluded. When working with the Open Innovation model, all possibilities are considered, and there are no limits to the potential of the projects.


Open Innovation is not a new concept. In fact, it has been defended and practiced by renowned authors, researchers and companies for some years. We believe that there is an irreparable loss of academies and companies working disconnected. Together they add forces that add much to society through more efficient, more tasty, sustainable products that improve the quality of life of the population.


Thus, exploring the concept of Open Innovation, its advantages and opportunities, Inovaleite makes this Platform available exclusively as a channel between academia and companies, with the sole and exclusive purpose of innovating.


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