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technological and industrial 13_05 (Thursday-F
INNOVASPECTRA - join this wave!


Come and participate in this new INOVALEITE event about the most modern and current in the area of ​​spectroscopic and spectrometric analysis of milk and its derivatives. The growing demand for increasingly innovative and quality products, drives us to seek analytical tools that optimize this production efficiently and safely. So... thinking about creating a moment of discussion about these techniques, the Inovaleite group, in partnership with industries in the sector, is pleased to invite you to participate in the InnovaSpectra event - join this wave.
In the event, we will count with the participation of renowned national and international researchers, as well as companies specialized in the area. There will be a total of 4 hours of free online lectures.
It will be a pleasure to share this afternoon with you! Therefore, if you are a professional or student interested in analysis of dairy products, be sure to sign up and guarantee your place. Do not stay out of this... Enjoy this wave and all the good energy of the event... Participate in InnovaSpectra .

Yes, but the number of places is limited. So, better not to waste time ... run there to sign up.
Inovaleite's online events aim to democratize access to quality information. We were only able to make this type of work feasible due to the support of funding agencies and companies that sponsor our technological symposia. We register here our thanks to the partners: Aarhus University, UFMG, AGROSAVIA, UFV, UFJF, MAPA, FOSS and CNPq.

Yes! Of course. After the event, all participants present in the room will have the opportunity to request the issuance of the free certificate, or the solidarity certificate in the amount of R $ 7.99, which aims to help the Milkfund fundraising campaign.

After registering, you will receive an email with all the information needed to access our virtual event room.
We have an appointment on May 13, at 14: 00h. Also follow other news on Inovaleite's Instagram. Start following our work on social networks and stay up to date on the Group's actions. We always have some news to tell you !!!!


get on that wave!

Glass of Milk

Let's innovate together?

It is in times of crisis that people realize the importance of the dairy industry in food.

Come and participate in InnovaSpectra and find out all about the analysis of milk and its derivatives! The use of spectroscopic analysis techniques is increasingly present in industries.

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