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Be prepared because taking notes here will not be easy ...

We are a family owned and operated business.

It is our goal to bring you the basic teachings of cheese and butter technology. Prepare yourself because there will be many. You will have to study hard and every day because at any minute we will be applying an evaluation worthy of note.

Prof. Alberto Valentim Munck


If you don't know the stories of Prof. Alberto Munck, you will be surprised. As one of the most famous cheese teachers in Brazil, Professor Alberto taught this discipline for many decades at the Cândido Tostes Dairy Institute. Always at the beginning of the year, he delivered a list with numerous basic questions for students entering his course. It was the famous " GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT ". In the list, came the following introduction:
"Our assessment tests are very demanding and you will need to prove that you know how to write a lot, so be prepared. So it will be in all of our assessment tests, after all, you are here to study. The easiness was last year, get ready , because otherwise it will be a lot of crying and yellow ribbon in December. Take care. "

The objective was simple, to keep the students studying cheese during the academic recess period during Carnival. Hence the origin of the name: Carnaval do Queijão . Well, the teaching method was typically Alberto's (a big, strong teacher, of German descent , but with a huge heart). There are so many cases of Alberto to tell, that a marathon of any Netflix series would be watching ships.

Now that you know a part of the story, let's go to the challenge that was part of the different activities of Innovacheese.



We have prepared a list of questions prepared by Prof. Alberto (one of our best known Cheese Masters in Brazil). We search the bottom of the chest, it is true. The list was available on a form here on the website. Everyone was able to participate by sending 1 or more responses. It was not necessary to fill in all the answer fields. The best responses were selected and disseminated during Innovacheese and are now part of Inovaleite's technical report in e-book format that was launched during the 2020 carnival, thus celebrating the entire history and professional trajectory of one of the most well-known cheese teachers from all over Brazil, Alberto Valentim Munck. Alberto himself chose the best answers. Everyone who participated had their names listed as collaborators in the final document which is available for free download below.

Alberto Munck

“The responsibility to know and put more and more into practice the knowledge acquired to produce a quality cheese belongs to those who are not content with simply knowing how to make a cheese.”

Professor Alberto Valentim Munck

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