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INNOVAUHT - technological symposium!


Come and participate in this new INOVALEITE event about the latest in the UHT processing of milk and its derivatives. We know that UHT technologies dominate the domestic market for fluid milk and cream, and offer several possibilities for innovation in dairy drinks and processed cheeses. Therefore, given the importance of this segment of the national dairy industry, the Inovaleite group is pleased to invite you to participate in the InnovaUHT event. Our proposal is to create a moment of discussion about advances in UHT processing in Brazil, including aspects of quality control and technological development, as well as market analysis. We will count on the participation of renowned national and international researchers, as well as companies specialized in the area. There will be a total of 4 hours of free online lectures.

It will be a pleasure to share this event afternoon with you! Therefore, if you are a professional or student interested in technologies and the UHT market, be sure to enroll and guarantee your place. Take advantage of this free opportunity and join us in InnovaUHT !

Inovaleite's online events aim to democratize access to quality information. We were only able to make this type of work possible due to the support of the development agencies and the companies that sponsor our Technological Symposiums. Here are our thanks to our partners: INRAE, MAPA, TATE & LYLE, DSM, ICL, JBT, ARLA FOODS, UFV, UFJF, UNICAMP, UFSCAR and CNPq.

Yes! Clear. After the event, all present participants in the room will have the opportunity to request the issuance of the free certificate, or the solidarity certificate in the amount of R$7.99, which aims to help Milkfund's fundraising campaign.

After your registration, you will receive an email with all the necessary information to access our virtual event room.
We have a meeting scheduled for the 16th of September at 14:00. Also follow other news on Inovaleite's Instagram. Start following our work on social media and keep up-to-date with the Group's actions. We always have something new to tell you!!!!



Let's innovate together?  

In crisis time that people realize the importance of the dairy industry in food.

Come and join InnovaUHT to find out all about  this technology! UHT processing is increasingly present in industries.

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