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Due to the academic and industrial experience of Inovaleite professors, we offer specific courses in-company , according to the definitions in the scope of companies. The trainings are carried out in modules, allowing flexibility in the number of employees, as well as the themes. Request a proposal .             
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Have you always had the dream of continuing your professional training, but are you out of time on the agenda? Do you want to improve yourself to win that promotion, but you can't fit anything in the schedule? Calm down, we have the solution for you. Courses that can be taken at a distance have gained relevance and space in the Brazilian educational scenario. Its benefits are notable, such as the possibility of making schedules more flexible and eliminating the need for travel / changes. The proposal for this semi-face-to-face course comes from face-to-face courses, but with a percentage of its activities carried out in a virtual environment. It is recommended for professionals looking to take a classroom course with more flexibility. The idea is to have the dynamics of distance learning combined with the convenience of personal contact with teachers and colleagues.

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