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INNOVAMILK - Think inside the box


The main purpose of the event is to provide an afternoon of psychological relief in the face of so much massive news about COVID-19. Take a break from quarantine and come take part in Innovamilk - Think inside the box.
There will be 4 hours of free online lectures with large companies specializing in dairy product processing technologyshelf-stable. An action by Inovaleite to minimize the effects of social distancing in the dairy industry.
On April 23rd (between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm), we will discuss the most current issues regarding the production, storage and marketing of long-life dairy products. Professionals from the academic and industrial areas, from different links in the chain,  will present the latest technologies and innovations in the sector. The event is aimed at professionals and students involved in the world of food, with a focus on product solutions for extended storage.

Please be advised that due to demand, the number of initial vacancies have already been filled and new registrations are currently temporarily suspended.
However, in order to meet all requests, we have an open waiting list that can be filled out using the form below. We are working to facilitate new registrations, so if you are interested in participating in the event, be sure to fill out the form. It is essential to try to secure a possible vacancy: 
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think inside the box

Let's feed Brazil together? They are in times of crisis we realize the importance of shelf-stable dairy products for industries and people.

Come and participate in "Innovamilk - think inside the box" and discover everything about UHT technology and its versatility!

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