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The idea of launching the second edition of the Basic Manual for Quality Control of Milk and Derivatives arose, in principle, from the need to correct some layout and printing errors detected in the first edition and also from the desire to include some methodologies  of analysis and related topics, such as, for example, fraud research due to the addition of sucrose and research into antibiotic residues, at the suggestion of some friends in the sector who alerted me to the importance of these methodologies for the quality control of milk and  ; derivatives, although they are not included in Normative Instructions 62/2003 and 68/2006.

For a year, I thought about the project for the second edition of the Manual and, during this period, I noticed a growing interest and involvement in the dairy sector with the quality of milk and its derivatives. The  Quality control is increasingly occupying a prominent place in the dairy industry. Professionals have become aware that this is not just a legal requirement, or a mere competitive advantage, nor is it intended exclusively for large companies or specialists in the field. It has been concluded that quality control is  fundamental for any and all industries that intend to gain space in the market and remain there, constituting an indispensable tool to meet consumer expectations, in addition to contributing to the growth of the dairy sector, not only nationally, but also internationally.

Quality is, above all, a matter of commitment and responsibility to the Brazilian economy and consumer food safety. I then realized that inserting
some methodologies, and making small corrections would not be enough to meet this
new concept of Quality Control that had been evolving and being absorbed by professionals in the Dairy Industry.

The second edition of the Basic Manual for Quality Control of Milk and Dairy Products, in addition to being commented and revised, is also expanded. I tried to correct and improve what was not satisfactory in the first version and included topics that I consider essential for efficient and effective quality control: Good Laboratory Practices, concepts related to Quality Control and Sensory Analysis. When writing, I took as a basis the most frequent and significant queries and questions received during this period of my professional routine, and I tried to put the information in clear and accessible language, almost in the form of an answer to the questions that were directed to me.

I hope that this second edition contributes, even more than the first, to the constant evolution of awareness and commitment to quality in the dairy sector. Happy reading and good work!
Ana Carolina Guimarães Castanheira

Quality Control of Milk and Derivatives

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