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This book is the result of the project “Identity, quality and technology of condensed milk produced in Brazil and Mercosur countries”, approved under CNPq/MAPA/SDA Notice No. 064/2008, Line 2 – Technological Scientific Research and Innovation Projects , under number 578085/2008-9. Subsequently, the work in this line of research was increased by the support of the project “Specifications of dairy products aiming at dairy certification”, financed by Fapemig, approved within the scope of the Milk and Derivatives Center of Excellence, under number TCT 12.038/09.

The growth in dairy exports in Brazil has been notable in recent years, with concentrated and dehydrated dairy products being the ones that stand out the most in terms of sales volume.
However, the lack of technical information about condensed milk produced in Brazil is a factor that makes it difficult to build the product's identity, hindering the development of
new technologies and production processes.

In order to enable Brazil's condensed milk industries to be competitive in the domestic and foreign markets, it is imperative that product quality and safety requirements be defined and met, which must emerge from knowledge of the physical-chemical, microbiological, sensory characteristics andmicroscopic images of condensed milk, which are an indispensable tool in formulating the identity of a dairy product.

In preparing this work, we sought to consolidate all the information collected and generated in the project, resulting in a technical publication covering legal aspects, identity and quality requirements, technology, analytical methods and food safety in the production of condensed milk.

Condensed milk - Identity, quality and technology

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