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Hello Laticinists!
Do you remember me?? My name is Angelita! I am a specialist in milk quality and am part of the Cap-Lab technical team.
Our team is always committed to keeping our customers and friends informed and updated on issues related to quality assurance and control, including laboratory analyses, new control technologies, legislation and much more. In addition to the analysis manuals previously released, my work partner Capelina and I have already presented to you the “Booklet of Good Practices for Milk and Dairy Products Quality Control Laboratories” and the “Booklet with Physico-Chemical Analysis Methodologies for Milk and Derivatives”.
In this new publication, we bring what we can consider as the most important advance in Brazilian legislation in recent times: Decree 9,013 of March 29, 2017 – “THE NEW RIISPOA”. It renews and modifies a large part of the rules on the industrial and sanitary inspection of products of animal origin.
As we know that it is extremely important that all our Dairy friends have knowledge and complete understanding of the subject, we invited Professor Maria Cristina Mosquim – the greatest expert in regulatory matters for Milk and Dairy Products in Brazil, to add comments on each part most prominently on milk and dairy products, in
helping to understand and apply this new decree.
Get to know a little more about this great professional: Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from UFMG; Master's degree in Food Science and Technology from UFV. Specialization in Milk and Dairy Products. Retired professor from UFV. Several works published in the area. He published 3 books and several handouts and teaching materials. Regulatory affairs consultant with Codex Alimentarius and Mercosul. Member of the technical staff of the Dairy Sector Chamber. Consultant for several companies in the dairy sector. Technical consultant for ABIQ for 20 years and technical consultant for Sindileite/SP, Conil and Viva Lácteos.
We hope this publication helps all of you on this long path towards total quality! Always count on our entire Cap-Lab team!
A big hug,
Angelita and the entire Cap-Lab team.

New RIISPOA Commented

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  • Important Note

    This is a digital book kindly made available by CAP-LAB for the Milkfund campaign. After completing your donation, you will receive an email with all the information to download the file. We ask that you do not share the file received, as this makes our fundraising campaign difficult. Be a partner in this idea!

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