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This book, which is the result of Múcio's notorious practical and scientific experience, is divided into 7 detailed parts, where the characteristics, production, peculiarities and most common defects of the various semi-hard cheeses are discussed, such as already mentioned Prato cheese, in addition to Gouda, Edam, Estepe, Reino, among others. The Book addresses topics of great importance and interest such as functionality, typical fermentations and their respective lactic cultures - subjects suitable for researchers, cheese professionals and dairy students, in addition to those studying undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Milk and Food Science and Technology. From the first part onwards, the reader will be led into a pleasant, pleasurable read that is as palatable as the cheeses that are the subject of that work.

Semi-hard Cheeses

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    This is a digital book kindly made available by the author for the Milkfund campaign. After completing your donation, you will receive an email with all the information to download the file. We ask that you do not share the file received, as this makes our fundraising campaign difficult. Be a partner in this idea!

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