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This is not a usual term, nor is it widespread in Brazil, but as Inovaleite we like to take risks and always try to break the barriers, we chose to use this word (which comes from the English language) to define in a simple and objective way the activities of our newest group members. At the beginning they didn't have names yet. We went through the phase where parents are wondering which name would be most suitable for their children. We had to count on the help of the community to resolve this impasse (and there were many legal names and suggestions that we received). In the end, the names were chosen in an Instagram poll.
Milkologist is a professional who is dedicated to studying milk and its many technical and scientific properties. A similar but more usual term is the Cheeseologist . In this case, we use it for professionals with great technical and scientific knowledge in different types of cheese.
In addition to understanding the properties and technological processes that we employ in the industrialization of milk, Milkologists are aware of their structures and particularities, whether of cow or other mammals. They study all stages of milk biosynthesis and processing, that is, from the cow to the consumer market.
Considered a career of paramount importance worldwide, the demand for these professionals is continuous, since people continue to increase the consumption of milk and its derivatives every year.
Leitícia - Milkologist
This is Leitícia, a milkologist curious about the world, passionate about milk and who likes to ride a bike on weekends. She has a degree in dairy science and technology from UFV. When she decided to take the course, she was already passionate about milk, because her parents supported her family for years with milk production. To give their children a better life, they have always encouraged Leitícia to study. It was very difficult for her to go to another college, right? When she first entered the Cheese Technology class, she didn't know much to expect from the discipline. It was only Professor Antônio Fernandes who started to show the world of cheese for her to fall in love and see how knowledge and entrepreneurship go together. Upon graduating, Leitícia decided to deepen her knowledge applied to the productive sector and entered the professional master's degree in Science and Technology of Milk and Derivatives at UFJF. Under the guidance of Professor Ítalo Perrone, she realized that technological knowledge would open up much greater opportunities for her career and that knowledge can always be associated with a sense of humor. The more she dedicated herself, the greater her desire to know other realities became. With that, she wanted to have the experience of moving to Campinas and doing her doctorate at UNICAMP, to study milk proteins in depth under the guidance of Professor Guilherme Tavares. In addition to learning about proteins, she went on to make great presentations. As the world became a large field of experiments, Leitícia was approved to do her PhD at INRA in France, taking her family's name beyond what had already been imagined by her parents. Today, she works at the family business and is revolutionizing the market, generating new products and wealth for her family and region, showing how applied knowledge changes society.


Caseinácio likes to remember his first day as a student at the Cândido Tostes Dairy Institute (ILCT): “I entered the first class without knowing what I would learn there. I just knew that I wanted a better life. ” It was in Professor Isis's Ice Cream classes that the charm of the dairy world was established. The most important day of the course was when he had a lecture with Professor Alan Frederick Wolfschoon Pombo. The same Alan that he only knew from the countless articles he studied in the magazine of the Dairy Institute Cândido Tostes: "Having in front of me the author of all those articles I read, explaining everything I did not understand about milk marked my life" . Caseinácio has always been a more practical and results-oriented person and the longer he lived at the ILCT the more he learned to apply the theory to generate results. As he liked to understand the production process, he decided to do food engineering at UFSCar, where he undertook scientific initiation with Professor Naaman in the area of processing of milk and dairy products. During this work, he had the opportunity to meet professor Rosângela de Freitas, who guided him in his master's degree at UFV. When he finished his master's degree, Caseinácio decided to go to the job market and was hired by a multinational in the dairy sector that had research in partnership with Inovaleite. With the opening of the call for Academic Doctorate for Innovation (DAI) in the Chemistry department at UFJF, Caseinácio decided to apply because he knew that the students in this program would have a differentiated formation, having as much contact with the academy as with the productive sector. Under the guidance of Professor Rodrigo Stephani, he learned about UHT product development and how curiosity combined with good will to work would take him on new career paths. Today, Caseinácio has a Research and Development start-up focused on the dairy sector to develop products with high added value.
Caseinatium - Milkologist
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