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The Inovaleite group has two published books covering the topic of Dulce de Leite. The first book “Doce de Leite – Aspectos Tecnológicas” was published in 2011. After 8 years, in 2019, the book gained a new version “Doce de Leite – Química e Tecnologia”. Both publications present an approach exploring the chemical modifications and other transformations that occur in dulce de leche during manufacturing and storage. Therefore, there was a need for a version with applied concepts and recipes. This work, then, is aimed at professionals and students in the area who wish to get their hands on the (sweet) dough.


  The book “Practical Fundamentals of Making Dulce de Leite – Getting your hands on the sweet dough” is structured into 22 chapters. Each chapter represents a practice with the aim of providing all the information and tools necessary for the professional or student to carry it out, including a summary of the theory, equations, manufacturing flowchart, tables and tables for notes, as well as some questions to improve your knowledge. . The structure of each chapter is divided into: Objectives, Guidelines, Data compilation, Observations and conclusions, Questions, Basic cost and Evaluation during shelf life.


  This work includes approaches to equipment (evaporators) and   production of different types of dulce de leche (traditional in paste, in bar form, for industrial use, Argentinean and with flavors). Manufacturing technologies using glucose, starch, invert sugar, whey, buttermilk and lactase are also covered. In addition to issues such as lactose crystallization, parameters that affect the manufacture of dulce de leche, energy balance, processing with pre-concentrated milk and reprocessing of dulce de leche.


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